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The world is changing fast day by day, Nothing is reliable forever. I hope now we all got to know this very well due to this Covid19 Pandamic hard time. If I am not wrong then this might be the biggest pandemics in history till now. And it has taught us all worldwide many uncommon things to deal with commonly. Like back in our normal days, you will truly agree with this.

As in this Pandemic, all business was almost stopped, unlike the business which is ruining over the internet or let say digital. In this internet era, the major digitally drive business could only be the IT industry without any doubt.

In this corporate world of It industry, some of the large or small scale company or office have their team of employees/member from 10 to 100+.
All these teammates might be coming from different locations to their respective offices to offer their daily service to their company.

Due to this Covid Pandemic apparently, we are all closed in our house four wall. We never know when this current situation gets better or turns more even worse. But after all, in the end, we all have to learn and live with it. And dealing with it in some proper precaution.

As the corporate industry are counted in some of the finest industry across the world. A new startup has come across in this hard time with a fresh new unique idea than the rest of the crowd. To help the business owner and their team members with a friendly corporate environment.

SharingDesk has come with co-workspace terminology for the corporate office. Which makes you feel and gives one almost the same environment as his own office and office desk. In another word, it is like Far from the office but still connected with the office.

This Corporate desk is shared by every single as their own office cubical and can have the same office facilities and Amenities like high-speed WiFi and Internet, Event Space for a group of team, Unlimited Hot Beverages To keep you always active and fresh, Printer, Scanner & Photocopy and many other Amenities like our corporate office do provide to their great team and staff members.

As human beings, we all are looking for new changes rather than routine ones. So after all these many months, we have worked from our home in our room cum office in our night suits. We might get bored and would be looking for a Healthy corporate working environment, indeed away from the office but still near to our home.

So now step up from your home couch, bed, and many other kinds of stuff like this to which we have made our work from home office desk till now nearby Surat Gujarat. And let’s get our new cool office desk from SharingDesk in Surat.